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September 2012 - YourStressIsGone.com

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Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Secrets

good night's sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the keys to being healthy, to decreasing your stress, to feeling fully alive!
(Picture thanks to © Ginaniko | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos)

Over the years at certain times I have had my difficulties in getting a good nights sleep.  I would often be restless throughout the night, and would wake up feeling very tired and unrested.  It is hard to have your “perfect” day when you wake up wishing you could just stay in-between the sheets in bed all day!  So getting a good night’s sleep is critical for our health.

Of late I have been getting some really good night’s sleep, in fact, I believe some of the best sleeps I have ever had.

Whenever I pictured my perfect day, it always involved myself getting up early, say 6am, and feeling energized and ready to take on the world.  I would have had a good night’s sleep, I would awaken fully refreshed, and then I would tackle my day with vigor.  However all to often I would instead wake up hitting the snooze button a number of times, and finally groggily stumble to the shower.  This morning however, I woke up at 5am!  Are you kidding me?  And I felt WIDE awake and ready to go!   How is this possible?  Well through the years I have discovered a number of secrets to a good night’s sleep, and I will share the top 7 with you.

Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Secrets

1) If you want a good night’s sleep, don’t get yourself all wound up just before you go to bed by watching something stimulating on TV.  If I watched an exciting sports event that went down to the wire, or if I watched a scary show that got me all riled up, then your adrenaline gets pumping….which is basically exactly the opposite state you want your body in to get a good night’s sleep.  So if you do end up watching something like that, make sure you do something afterwards to calm yourself down before you try to sleep.

2) For me, little noises can wake me up throughout the night.  So a major key for me to having a good night’s sleep is to have background noise on, or what they call white noise.  The easiest thing I have used is a fan.  There are actually machines you can get that play white noise (just like a low static with nothing identifiable in it), but I find a fan works perfect.  If we stay over in hotels for vacations or sports tournaments the room itself might have a great fan/air-conditioning unit already, but just in case we always bring a small portable fan.

3) Black out the light in your room.  This is something my wife introduced.  She works shifts and so she would have to try to sleep during the days, and she bought these super black curtains that blocked out all the light ( I think she got them pretty cheap from Ikea…a good night’s sleep is definitely worth spending a couple of bucks).  We close them at night and it blocks out all the street lights…it is simply amazing.

4) Watch what you eat!   To get a good night’s sleep you have to ensure that your body is not all jacked up on sugar before you go to sleep.  Just like stimulating TV can get your adrenaline flowing, so can sugary foods!  As crazy as this sounds to me now, I would often have think it a good idea to have “comfort” foods to help myself sleep.  So that would involve eating chocolate and other various sweets…laden with sugar.  And I was surprised when I lay awake in bed for hours just staring at the ceiling!   Also watch how much you eat, because you don’t want your digestive system to have to work over time when you are trying to sleep, so don’t eat large amounts of food just before bed time either.

5) I will also spell out separately…watch what you drink!  I was VERY bad at this.  My big one was drinking a large pepsi just before I lay down.  Not ony sugar…but can you say caffeine over kill as well!   Talk about waking up your body…killing any attempt at a good night’s sleep.  But don’t laugh at me too hard.  What about you?  Ever have coffee before bed?  Ever have regular tea before bed?   So a key is not only watching what you drink, but also I have had to keep an eye on how much I drink.  Even if I am drinking something healthy like water, if I drink too much, then I have to wake up a number of times just to go to the washroom.

6) Exercise if critical for me to having a good nights sleep.  Exercise clears the toxins from your body that build up.  Exercise clears pent-up stress from my body.  Exercise keeps my muscles working and in shape.  Exercise keeps my mind sharp.  Exercise keeps the blues away.  Exercise allows my body to feel tired in a good way.  The only thing I have to personally avoid is exercising too close to going to bed because it does get me all pumped up…and then it takes a while to come back down.  But for me, if I don’t exercise, the quality of my sleeps goes downhill quickly.

7) Getting myself in the right mental frame is the last big secret I will share about having a good night’s sleep.  I cannot sleep if I have things on my mind.   I will just review them over and over and over.  So I have learned (my dad shared this with me many years ago) to take a few moments and just clear my mind, and write down everything I am thinking  about.  As well I have to tell myself that I have done everything I can do about things today…and that tomorrow I will complete them…however I will need all my energy to do it…and so I need to allow my body to get a great rest tonight.  Another thing I try to ensure is that I am in a positive frame of mind, and that my body is at its purest and highest energy level…by thinking good thoughts and appreciating things.  I review in my mind all the things I am thankful for, including my health, my family, my friends, my career, the fact I have a roof over my head….and any and every other thing I can think of.   I am thankful for ____, I am thankful for _____ ……

To feel fully alive, to feel fully energized, to have great health, to move about your day with passion and purpose……your body needs to recover and rebuild itself each night.  So a good night’s sleep is of critical importance.

Got any tips that help you get a good night’s sleep?   Please share comments below and maybe you can help inspire another reader.

Peace, Health, Happiness and success!


Free Contest For Our Readers $500+ Value!! Enter Today!!

free contest - goodlife fitness

I want to thank everyone who subscribes to this blog, and/or who visits on a regular basis, and/or who have participated in the 21 Day Health Transformation, and/or those of you viewing this site for the very first time!    It is because of you that this site is becoming so successful!  Earlier this week we had a record number of visits, and it has been building constantly, although we are still only a few months old.  Thanks everyone!!

As a special reward, I am excited to announce a free contest that any one of you could win!!!

As part of this free contest, GoodLife Fitness has offered to give away two tickets for GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Summit , ($500+ value),  a book “Living the Good Life” written by David Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, and a GoodLife Fitness bag.

All you have to do to be eligible to win this free contest is to leave a message here telling us … how you motivate yourself to stay healthy.

Just comment at the bottom of this post…it’s as simple as that.  And by doing so, maybe you can help motivate someone else to transform their lives, or even just give them hope when they are feeling down…anything and everything we can do to spread light in this world!

I’ll announce the winners on Thursday, September 27.

The GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Summit will be held on October 4 in Toronto. This summit is a national event series designed to provide Canadian organizations with innovations required to improve productivity in the workplace. By addressing emerging trends in Fitness Health & Wellness, Organizational Culture/Performance and Leadership Development, delegates will be empowered to initiate proactive measures to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive and evolving market place.

Key speakers will include Jessica Holmes, comedian and author, Yvonne Campus, Discovery Channel’s Eco-Challenge, and David Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness.”

My wife and I, and brothers in law used to watch the Eco-Challenge on TV every year, and it seemed the craziest, coolest event anyone could ever do…so personally I am totally psyched to hear that message.  I have read another book by David Patchell-Evans, and it had some great info in it, and everyone needs to learn more about managing stress through humour in their life!

I am excited for you because this sounds like an inspiring and educational event.

What I am going to ask is please spread this post about this free contest around.  Put it on facebook, tweet it, email it to your friends…share it all around.

With your help, together, all of us….we can make a difference in this world…one person at a time!!

Tony’s Kick Ass Salad

Here is a quick video showing me making my Tony’s Kick Ass Salad!

Why do I call it Tony’s Kick Ass Salad you ask?

Because, including things like this in my diet on a consistant basis has helped elevate my energy so that when I do my walk, or get ready for my day I feel like I am going to totally kick ass no matter what I take on!

This is just one example of things you can put in your salad.  Mine changes all the time.  And I am sure you have some favorite veggies that are much more creative than me!!

The key is just eat as many veggies and greens as you can…and create your own Kick Ass Salad!!

Making Tony’s Kick Ass Salad! from Tony Sibbald on Vimeo.

Evernote – Cool Technology to Simplify Your Life


Evernote is a super cool FREE technology that I was introduced to while reading a book by Tim Ferris called “The 4 Hour Work Week”. The book is about ways to make your life easier, to automate things, with the goal being to get all the work you want to get done, as efficiently and as effectively as possible.

Evernote: A Time Saving tool

One of the tools he suggested was Evernote. So being a good student, I immediately sought to apply what I had learned. I googled it, downloaded it, and started playing with it.

What Evernote can do is be a web-based place where you can keep your notes, pictures, videos, web clippings, business plans, basketball scouting notes…and then be able to access it from anywhere! So if you make notes on one computer, just do it in Evernote, and then when you are on another computer, just open Evernote and there they are. The most supercool feature is that I can actually do it on my blackberry as well (or your iphone or droid or ipad or whatever).

Never lose your inspirational thoughts!

As I have told you before, one of the places I get my most in-depth thinking done is when I am on long walks, and some inspiration hits me (Ho’oponopono…are you living from replayed memories or inspiration?) I know that if I wait to get home I will lose that thought. So I just take a second, and enter a note into Evernote, and it will not only be accessible from my Blackberry later, but it will actually synch and then be available from any computer with internet access!! How super cool is that? I have found Evernote has saved me a tremendous amount of time and energy, and made me much more productive (and less forgetful).

Usually if I was out and about I would scribble a note on the back of a receipt or something like that and lose it. Or I would email myself a note…but then I had to take time cutting and pasting and transposing it to something else. You can add photos you take to Evernote. You can add videos. If you have an ipad you can use a program to take handwritten notes and save it to Evernote. You can actually clip interesting pictures/articles from the internet (like YourStressIsGone.com of course…lol!) into Evernote.

Many different uses for Evernote

My cousin Glen Estrabillo (  RetireMeGlen.com ) is a young entrepreneur who has been able to retire himself living off residual income from real estate investing. He travels across North America, and globally on a frequent basis. He also runs courses teaching people how to do it. I don’t know if he used Evernote, but I know he subscribes to my blog…so hopefully he will find out about Evernote and I think it could prove a valuable asset to him.

As a basketball coach, in between games I will make notes on opposing teams we may play, and put them into Evernote. If you need to pick up groceries, make a list on your computer at home on Evernote, including inserting recipes from the internet, and them pull them up on your cell phone. If you have a presentation for work, enter it into Evernote, and then pull it up from work, or vica versa, or if you want to work on it from the beaches of The Mayan Rivera.

The goal of YourStressIsGone.com

The goal of YourStressIsGone.com is to constantly introduce you to new ideas that will increase the quality of your health…physically, mentally, spiritually. I have no boundaries I am restricted by. I just want to share anything and everything I have ever learned in my quest to bring myself back to life…including time saving ideas like Evernote. FYI, the very first open 21 Day Health Transformation is at Day 10 as I write this, and I have already heard of some great stories. To register yourself for the next one, just go here.

Peace, Health, Happiness and Success! Tony

Life Can Be So Short…Don’t Wait For It To Happen

Don Beckett - Life Can Be So Short

I just learned that a pure hearted Reiki man by the name of Don Beckett passed away.  I saw it on twitter.  I am not even sure what happened to him.  But it seems he is gone.

A few years ago I had pneumonia, and I was in a weakened state.  I bought a book by Don Beckett, and it was such an amazing book I emailed him to tell him so.  He also had a website that discussed things I had not up til that point even contemplated.  He had traveled throughout the world teaching and healing.

We connected via internet and email.  He gave me free energy sessions to strengthen me, and I felt the power of his healing, even at such a distance.  He was a true healer.  He was unselfish.  He gave all he had to whoever needed it without question.

I thought to myself I really wanted to meet this man.  I have so much to learn from him!

But then life got busy and I kept thinking someday I will meet this man in person and train with him.But I never did.  And now it is too late.
I am lying in bed typing this into Evernote on my Blackberry with the intention of posting this on my blog at YourStressIsGone.com tomorrow so that I will never forget what an error I made in assuming I could always meet him.  I was wrong…and I need to come away with a lesson from this.   I need to ensure that I proactively reach out for things that I know are important for me, even if they are not easy at that moment.

I keep discovering there are no guarantees in life.  We cannot assume anything.   We need to live life in the moment.  We need to savour every second.  We need to live like indeed there is no tomorrow.

Everything happens for a reason.  And if I had gone and met him I likely wouldn’t be writing this right now.  So perhaps this was meant to be…and hopefully this message will inspire someone to take action on something important to them…so that they don’t learn from twitter that they were just to late.

Peace, Health, Happiness and Success