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Let Go Of Your Past And The Future Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be


Let go of your past and the future can be whatever you want it to be.

There are no restrictions on your future when you let go of your past, and what better time to launch your new future than the first day of this new year.

I want you to picture an old dilapidated building.  The windows are broken.  Bricks are missing here and there.  Graffiti has been scrawled on it.  The yard is unkempt, weeds are growing everywhere.  Gray clouds over overhead. It is a desolate image.   When you hold on to old painful memories…when you hold onto anger and jealousy…when you fill your body with fattening food void of nutritional value…when you don’t follow though on things or honour your commitments…when you live a  life that it incongruent with who you see yourself as … that is how you become that dilapidated building.    It hangs over you.  It shows in your attitude.  Your aura loses it’s shine.

To start of 2013 let us do the following exercise.

Imagine a HUGE bulldozer first ripping down that old sad building.  It demolishes it quickly and efficiently.  It removes all the debris.  Everything is completely wiped clean.  All that is left is just a patch of dark fertile earth.

You can now do whatever you want with this fresh start.  You can build any kind of building you want.  You can plant a huge garden. You could install a basketball court.  You could put there ANYTHING you want.  Whatever you feel passionate about.  Whatever ignites your soul!

If you are unhappy with how things have gone in the PAST then you need only change them.  You have that power.  It all starts with your state of mind…and that you DO have COMPLETE control over.

Let go of your past and the future can be anything you want it to be.

Start that bulldozer up, and rip down and wash away anything that doesn’t belong in your new life.  You are leaving only a beautiful patch of the most fertile soil…and anything will grow in this new soil.  If you just plant your old stuff again…you will have what you had before.  But if you plant only ideas that EXCITE you then your mind will blossom with beauty and passion…and your life will change.

If the past doesn’t exist, then there is nothing to hold you back.  The only thing that exists is the future that you install.

Let go of your past and the future can be whatever you want it to be.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s make this your best year ever!

Feel free to share something you are going to do to make this happen for you!