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A True Inspiration

what inspires you

Where do you find true inspiration?

I have found that I have to look no further than my own family and friends.

I know at times I have felt I have had to search the internet, read books, bought CDs.  There is a huge market for “motivational” speakers.  I would search high and low for that one source of true inspiration that would get my blood pumping and ready to go.

But sometimes true inspiration is right in front of your eyes…and you just have to take a moment to allow yourself to see it!

In my family there are people who have overcome major injuries, who did not allow those injuries to limit them, who rose above to gain entrance into hugely competitive academic programs, or pulled off great marks after having to have missed so much school.  There are people who have built very successful businesses, people who are dreaming huge dreams of building something in exotic locations.  People who lead seminars on how to buy real estate and empower people.  Kids who can dance with a grace, skill and passion well beyond their years.  There are black belts in Karate.  There are artists.  There are pillars in the community.  When I look, when I really look…there is true inspiration all around me!!

I spend a tremendous amount of time coaching youth sports. I am surrounded by heroes.  They are true inspiration.  These kids work so hard, they give everything they have and leave nothing on the court.  They overcome obstacles, they persevere, they win, they lose…but they play with character and heart.  They transform themselves over the years, it is amazing to see.  They are warriors…and yet the nicest and classiest kids on earth.  They are true inspiration.

I have parents who enter talent competitions, who set major marks in marriage, who  continue to educate themselves, who work out and keep themselves healthy.   There are true inspiration for generations to come.

I have a wife who is beautiful and talented, and who makes a difference in people’s lives every single day.  She does something that takes a lot of guts, that I am not sure I would have the strength to do…but she does it because people need her, and she is so good at it.  She is true inspiration.

I have some audacious health goals I wish to achieve this summer.  I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little lazy…needing some inspiration.

I needed to look no further than downstairs where much to my surprise someone very close to me, who has battled back time after time again from seeming setbacks in life with hardly ever a complaint … was doing a grueling workout.   I was surprised.  I was in awe.  It was indeed true inspiration.

I slipped on my own shoes and did my own workout. I am well on my way to accomplishing that audacious goal…because the hardest part of doing it is getting started…and I have started.

Where can you look find true inspiration?  Perhaps it is closer than you think.


Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals

ghandi's top 10 fundamentals for changing the world

I came across Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World.

It was tweeted by someone I follow @VictoryInLove .  (ps. my twitter handle is @yourstressisgon …. lol…too many letters so couldn’t finish the “e”)

Yesterday the stock markets had a BIG down day.  There were explosions and injuries at the Boston Marathon.  It can be easy to let your thoughts stray to negative, and that is when stress and disease will jump you, and bring you down…when your body is at its lowest.

Things like Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World , written by, at least in my opinion, a great person, give us a peek into the inner workings of their brains.  It gives us a blueprint for how their minds work/worked.

I may or may not always agree with things like this, but they are a great opportunity to reflect on my current life blueprint, on my current philosophies and guidelines.  If I have become out of whack, then it is a good time to adjust.

I strongly believe that if we have a well-defined sense of morals, and that most importantly we live our life and commit our actions in CONGRUENCE with our base beliefs…then we are less susceptible to stress…and ultimately more happy.

What is your own personal version of Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals?


ghandis 10 fundamentals

Exotic Vegan Chili



Ahh…an exotic vegan chili!   Sometimes I go though food slumps, where I couldn’t care less what I eat…and then all of a sudden I try something and it just re-inspires me!  That is what this delicious vegan chili did for me.  I found the basis for it in the office of an excellent Oesteopath I took my daughter to called Balance Point.  I didn’t follow the recipe word for word…but here is what I did.  Mmmmm!



Ingredients Needed for the Vegan Chili:

2 medium sweet potatoes

1 medium onion

4 mini bell peppers (different colours)

1 red chili pepper (seeds removed)

2 cloves of garlic

touch of cayenne pepper

touch of cumin (what an interesting taste it adds)

touch of black pepper

touch of sea salt

540 g tin of chickpeas

540 g tin of chopped tomatoes

Extra virgin olive oil

Cooking Instructions for Vegan Chili

Preheat the oven to 425F, peel the sweet potatoes, cut into roughly bite sized cubes.  Put some olive oil on a baking tray, spread out the sweet potato cubes, then sprinkle generously with cayenne pepper, cumin and some sea salt.  Cook until brown on the bottom and soft to chew.

In a pot, put some olive oil on med high and cook the diced bell peppers, onions, and chili pepper for about 5 minutes.

Rinse out the chickpeas and add, along with the can of tomatoes, and add a little water if you want it more liquid.  Bring to a boil, then turn down to med low, cover and let simmer.  Stir as needed.  Add some black pepper, cumin, cayenne and sea salt to taste.  When the potatoes are ready, throw them in and stir…adding a touch more water if needed.

Let simmer on low, covered for at least 30 minutes.

I had lots left over for lunch the next 2 days, and it was even MORE flavourful the next meals!

You can eat with some nacho chips if you want…it’s up to you.

Mmm Mmm Mmm…a super tasty Vegan chili that made me sweat…but not want to pass out!

Attitude is Altitude

Today I want to share with you a man who is a living inspiration to so many people…Nick Vujicic. (You have to watch video at the bottom of this post all the way through)


I saw a video he made a number of years ago, and I know it hit me hard.
I was feeling down.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  My health wasn’t the greatest.  I had lost my zip.  I had lost my passion.  My attitude was bring me down.  Boo hoo.  Poor me.
And then this guy, Nick Vujicic comes on and basically stared into my soul, looked me in the eyes and said “what have you got to feel sorry about?”
Listen we all have problems.  Stuff happens to us all.
But could it be worse?  I think for sure it could be.
Part of transforming your health is getting your stinking thinking right.  Getting a better mindset.  A happier mindset.  A more positive mindset.  As Nick says in his video, “Attitude is Altitude”.
I want you to know that anything is possible.  For you. For me.  For all of us.  Anything is possible.  Anything.  You can do anything you want.  Yes you can.  You will go wherever your attitude leads you.
Whatever you think is holding your back, whatever happened before….realize….it doesn’t really matter now…because it is now in the PAST.
Ahead of you is YOUR FUTURE.  You are going to design your own future.
Watch this video now. I hope it hits you somewhere.  I hope you can use it for fuel when the night seems dark…because there is always a light out there…and that light is in your mind.  Light up your mind, light up your attitude and transform your self.  Transform your life.
(If the video is not showing, sometimes if you double click it to expand it, it works.  Or try this link )

Here is his website if you want to find out more about Nick:   http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/