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Practicing Nonviolence Towards Yourself

Yogi Cameron

Practicing Nonviolence toward yourself … a thought provoking concept originally proposed over 2000 years ago by the Indian sage Patanjali, and brought to my attention by Yogi Cameron Alborzian, in his book “The One Plan”.

I have learned a lot about taking care of my physical health.  With the help of my family I have healed myself over the years from some very dark depths.   And there are times like last summer when I was feeling on top of the world, indestructible, fully alive…I was doing brilliantly what Patanjali would describe as practicing nonviolence towards my body.  And there are times when I make some very poor eating and health choices … even though I know better.  Yogi Cameron would say that I was committing physical violence against my body.

Every once and awhile I come across something that shifts my perception of reality…and this concept of practicing nonviolence was one of them.

“Physical violence is any violence that harms someone else’s body or our own.”   Yogi Cameron states that making poor food and eating decisions cam be considered as committing  physical violence against yourself.

Here are some selected behaviors that Yogi Cameron feels most of us consider a normal part of life but that actually do harm to our bodies.   Think about them … they hit me in-between the eyes, because they rang with truth:

We eat late at night – causing us to wake up feeling stiff and lethargic

We eat processed and genetically modified foods – we ingest toxicity into our body

We eat foods from far away – this compromises the nutritional value of the food

We eat meat – most animals come from farms using artificial growing practices and polluted water.  As well the more difficult foods are to digest the more resources our bodies have to commit to processing them.

We eat large meals – when we give the stomach too much to digest, it has to work overtime to process everything…this can compromise the immune system as well and also causes us to be sick more often

OK … can you check off “yes” to any of these?

I am certainly better than I used to be at practicing nonviolence .. but I still fall prey to these things way too often.  I’ll tell you, having Yogi Cameron look me in the eyes (well through the print of a book…lol) and tell me that I was being violent to my own body, certainly hits harder than telling myself I am just sneaking a cheat food.

We are always on a journey through life.   We may have a certain destination in our lives … but we go on and off course all the time, just like a jet flight from Toronto to Punta Cana.  The key, when we temporarily fall off course is to just re-adjust our settings and get back on course.

This concept of practicing nonviolence just straightened out my course again.  It is causing me to redefine my definition of normality again.

I love it when things just come together!   Isn’t life amazing!

Stress Melted Away On The Beach

punta cana

We just recently returned from a week in paradise,

and fully experienced the beautiful feeling of bliss

as my stress melted away on the beaches of Punta Cana.


I prepared myself in advance by:

  • buying lots of sun screen
  • taking out some US $ just in case money
  • packing as little clothes as possible
  • covering myself at work with back up
  • leaving my phone at home!!

I’d never been to Punta Cana before, but we researched the resorts on the internet, and felt pretty good about the choice we made…and we were not disappointed!  During those 7 days, my stress melted away little by little!

Smiles = Stress Melted Away

The staff were so friendly.  Always smiling and singing and dancing.

Happy Music = Stress Melted Away

The Spanish music constantly playing was so lively, so happy!   I could not help but feel great!

Sunshine & Outdoors = Stress Melted Away

Sitting on the beach or by the pool, soaking in the rays.  Careful to apply my sunscreen (burning is not relaxing).  Feeling the wind from the ocean.  The sun rejuvenated me.   The sun always helps my body relax.

Exercise = Stress Melted Away

Taking long, relaxing walks on the beach.  Playing beach volleyball for hours.  Swimming and stretching in the pool.   Things like these help your body get rid of stress that has built up.

Leaving cell phone at home = Stress Melted Away

I didn’t check in with work . I didn’t care about the time or the news or the markets or anything.  My main concern was should I get second helpings (or third or fourth helpings) at the buffet?  Should I turn my chair a slight angle to catch the rays at the best angle?   We can become slaves to our iPhones and Blackberry devices … sometimes you just have to turn it off…or better yet…leave it at home.

It may feel like there is never the perfect time to get away on vacation.  We are too busy.  It is too expensive.  Who will feed the dog while we are away?  Can’t get time off work.

Sometimes it may seem like getting away just isn’t possible.  But sometimes you just have to do it.

We all need to recharge our batteries.

For me….smiling, catching some rays, exercising, breathing deeply, and just getting away from the everyday…escaping to paradise even for a few days…helps keep me feeling alive!  And when I feel alive, I know that when I get back, I will be able to be that much better at everything I do back home.

We need to take care of ourselves, so that we can take care of others.

We must de-stress ourselves so that we can continue to glow and grow.

7 days in Punta Cana as my stress melted away on the beach.

We are already thinking of when we will go back…and having that happy thought in our minds is a stress reliever in it’s self!