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What Inspires You?

what inspires you

What inspires you?

What are your dreams?

What motivates you to jump out of bed and embrace the day?

Can you shout it out loud right now?  Is it on the tip of your tongue? Are you having difficulty identifying it?  Do you know?  You did know!  But perhaps you have forgotten?  It is easy to happen.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves. 

Life is meant to be wonderful! Life is meant to be full of wonders!   It inspired me!  

What inspires you?

I went for a walk today with Shandog, and tramped through the fallen leaves.   They made rustling noises as we trecked on.  There was a beautiful breeze that both shocked and tickled my face.  The sun played with the clouds, peaking in and out.  Shandog saw a squirrel across the park and took off at the speed of light…not to catch the squirrel…just to let it know she was there.   Running all out through the leaves, totally free, I could imagine a huge smile on her face.    It seemed so clear to me that was her inspiration.  

It was a priceless moment. I was filled with beauty and awe.  It reminded me that I need to take a second and remind myself of what inspires me.

At times like that the energy of the universe shoots down into me and fills me with the most beautiful feeling in the world.  I get that feeling when I see my family smiling, my Sabrina feeling confident and ready to take on the world, or hear my Sierra humming happily at night.  I get that feeling when I see my wife so proud of the family we have raised.  I get that feeling when I think of my parents and how much I love them.  I get that feeling when I coach my girls basketball teams, when I see the fun they have, or the pride they have in overcoming obstacles or doing more than perhaps they thought they could.  I get that feeling when I have just done a KICK ASS workout.

Yes life is meant to be wonderful!

Make sure you take a moment each day to remind yourself what inspires you!   Daily life can make us all tired, and lose focus.  So make sure you get that focus back! 

Take a second and stop to smell those roses baby!

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