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Almonds Are Powerful!


Almonds are a powerful tool in the 21 Day Health Transformation.

At all times, I try to have a small bag of almonds around me somewhere…just in case I need them. Why you ask, would I do need almonds?

I need almonds when:

  • I want something crunchy (do you ever just get that feeling?)
  • I want something quick, easy and nutritious
  • I feel an urge to grab a chocolate bar
  • I want to put some “sustenance” in a dish like chilli
  • I make my amazing energy bars
  • I want to nibble (instead of chips or something)
  • They go great on salads!

There are so many times, when having 6 or 7 almonds will just fill me up enough to stop that urge for something not good for me, that I give it rave reviews. For example. The other day I had to walk to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy stamps. Well…it just so happens that in Shoppers Drug Mart they have a section dedicated strictly to chocolate…and man was I ever a chocolate hound. (notice I say “was”) By association if I was feeling tired, I would immediately find myself walking over to Shoppers to buy a 4 pack of Caramilk¬†bars. (and on certain days I ate them all!). But this time, I knew what I would see there. I also knew that just thinking about going was starting to set a bell off in my head…alarm…time to buy Caramilks. So what I did was grab a handful of almonds, and on my way to the store I very slowly crunched them one by one, fully chewing them. And by the time I had got to Shoppers my urge had passed, and I was able to walk safely to the stamp section, passing the chocolate aisle both on the way there and the way back! Yes a few almonds now and then have really saved me in my 21 Day Health Transformation so far!

Almonds are quite high in vitamin B12, fiber (to make sure stuff moves through your body) and antioxidants (to fight against the free radicals that can do such harm to our body).

Although I like them raw the best, if you soak almonds it actually makes them easier to digest, and makes them more nutritious…try them both ways and see what you like.

Don’t get roasted almonds, don’t get them salted or smoked, and try to keep your hands off the chocolate coated ones! Stick with plain old raw ones…they will grow on you.

Did you know almond milk is a great substitution for milk? My whole family has given up milk, and daughter Sierra now thinks that milk tastes weird! You can either buy almond milk at the store, or make your own.  Here is a simple recipe for almond milk!

Enjoy almonds….chew them slowly and really savour them.

Almonds may really help YOU in your 21 Day Health Transformation!



yes, almond is a great snack to have available around the house. you can add almonds to many recipes! adding almonds to salads is one of my favourite things to do. also, try replacing peanut butter with almond butter!!! Yumm!

Tony Sibbald

Great thoughts Leeza. Yes in fact, one of my favorite little snacks is 5 brown rice crisps with some almond butter. Thanks for the input!

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