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Blog To Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness!

Just what the heck is a blog?

Sometimes events occur, or issues pop up that hit us hard, that make us think… and if we don’t express them to others they just keep building and building.    

We all have to let it out…whatever it is that is stuck in our minds.  This process can be called venting, and although it could erupt in the form of anger and yelling, there are better ways to let it out.   Writing, perhaps in the form of journaling, is one avenue that many people choose.

So expressing what is on your mind can be critical to keeping yourself happy and healthy.

So what does this have to do with a blog? 

Well creating a blog can be as simple as just writing down what is on your mind and sharing it with the world.    I have been wanting to share my experiences in bringing myself back to health for years now.  It was always on my mind, and I was growing frustrated because I had not found a tool that I felt would work for me.  And when it struck me that I could have a blog to show people how to reduce toxic stress from their lives and increase their health, happiness and energy…I was overcome with excitement!!!!! 

One of the wonders of the blog world is that anyone can do it, and you can blog on any topic that you want!  The only limitations are the ones you place on yourself.  However, some people are intimidated because it seems like such a technical thing.  Blogging?  You mean like having your very own website?  Heck I have trouble adding an attachment to an email!  How could I ever blog?

I will add some tips on blogging  in upcoming posts, but I wanted to share with you a site that I was introduced to that helped me get started, and that I still go to every day to see what new and exciting things he has posted.   John is a master blogger, and from what I have been told one of the best in the world.  Check out his site!

I find the site interesting and exciting.  But the amazing thing is there are lots or articles and tools to help someone get started blogging.  From his site I found a great web host (where you can park your website on the web), I learned about WordPress (the “tools” used to build this website), I learned what many tech terms meant that were alien to me before (heck I even attempted to optimize my SEO last night…lol!…ok so that will take some more work).  John even has a free 59 page document to show you how to monetize your blog.

Got some thoughts you want to share with the world?  Don’t let them just build up inside of you.  Let them out.  Vent in a cool way!  Let the world know what you are thinking.   Blogging can reduce your stress and increase your happiness…why not try blogging yourself!



Yup, blogging rocks my world. 🙂

Tony Sibbald

I can tell you love blogging by the energy in your blog! Thanks for visting! (anyone reading this reply, check out her blog…it is wonderful!)

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