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How I Am Beating The Winter Blahs


How I am beating the winter blahs!


I wanted to share this with anyone that might be need a little surge of energy to help get through the decreased sunlight in the winter (like me!)

Short story is this.


Every day for the past 4 weeks I get up at 6am.  (one hour earlier than I used to) and I do some energy work.


At first it was TOUGH but now I pop up ready to go

I found this video on YouTube (just 20 minutes) and before I do anything for the day, I do some Qigong energy work.  Get the body moving gently, stretch the muscles, feel them come alive, and feel the energy surge…focus on how awesome the day will be…what an amazing feeling!


Here is the little video  I have been doing… QiGong Video  …    Let me know if you try it and any other routines you find that get you ramped up for the day.


Peace, Health and Happiness!

Powerful Energizing Breathing Exercise

Here is a breathing exercise you are going to love!  I learned this a few years back from one of my earlier mentors Tony Robbins. It will immediately get your energy flowing, so that you will feel more energized, more focused…ready to take on anything!

To start, I want you to look at your hand (either hand will do).  Start at your thumb, then next is your index finger, your middle finger, your ring finger, and ending at your pinky finger.

1) I want you to touch the tip of  your thumb and the tip of your index finger together.

2) Next touch the tip of your thumb and the tip of your middle finger together.

3) Next touch the tip of your thumb and the tip of your ring finger together.

4) Finally touch the tip of your thumb and your pinky finger together.

Repeat that sequence with both hands at the same time.

Now here come the fun part…

Do the sequence once through, and each time you touch your thumb to a finger, breathe in through your nose…so it will be four quick breaths in.

Do the sequence a second time, and each time you touch your thumb to a finger, breathe out through your mouth. …so it will be four quick breaths out.

You will continue doing the sequence, alternating between breathing in and breathing out.

You can practice doing it slower or faster.    If you begin to feel out of breath, or feel light-headed then stop immediately.  Before you begin again, ensure your breathing is back to normal and you feel good and grounded…that there is no sense of being light-headed.

Now here come the super energizing part!

I use this as I begin to exercise…in my case it is usually my walking!   It could just be around your house. Or on a treadmill.  Down by the lake. In the conservation area.  I start walking slowly, doing my breathing exercise, and then once my energy is flowing, I stop the breathing exercise and speed up my walking.   I find it extremely powerful!

Have fun!   And if you do try it…please let us know did it help get your energy moving?!