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How I Am Beating The Winter Blahs


How I am beating the winter blahs!


I wanted to share this with anyone that might be need a little surge of energy to help get through the decreased sunlight in the winter (like me!)

Short story is this.


Every day for the past 4 weeks I get up at 6am.  (one hour earlier than I used to) and I do some energy work.


At first it was TOUGH but now I pop up ready to go

I found this video on YouTube (just 20 minutes) and before I do anything for the day, I do some Qigong energy work.  Get the body moving gently, stretch the muscles, feel them come alive, and feel the energy surge…focus on how awesome the day will be…what an amazing feeling!


Here is the little video  I have been doing… QiGong Video  …    Let me know if you try it and any other routines you find that get you ramped up for the day.


Peace, Health and Happiness!

Reiki is a Powerful Stress Reliever

reiki is a powerful stress reliever

Reiki is one of the most powerful stress relievers I know.  Reiki helps keep me at peace, keeps my mind, body and soul in harmony.  I feel it has saved my life, and whenever I feel run down, or my family members are ailing, I always turn back to Reiki for healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is so much to so many.  Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and healing.  Reiki uses the life force that is within us all, that connects us all, to bring balance and harmony to the body at all levels.  Reiki is all knowing, it is 100% natural, it is 100% goodness and love, it can only heal, it can never harm.  Reiki is God’s love.  Reiki is universal energy.

Reiki is the rain that falls on the rice paddies.

My very first Reiki master that I trained with, Helen, gave me a very powerful analogy that Reiki was the rain that fell upon the rice paddies.  She asked me to contemplate on what that meant.  I thought about how rain was the life force that fed the rice.  It was a beautiful thought and really helped me connect with the Reiki energy within me.  I now think of Reiki as a beautiful energy that feds all living things, it is so gentle and it “rains” downs on us all, surrounding us with life and love and comfort.


Reiki helped save my life

I was first introduced to Reiki in the mid 90’s by someone who became a good friend, Peggy Margarite.  At the time I had just had to quit my career because I had become lost.  Lost physically (constantly sick, constantly on a carousel of antibiotics), lost spiritually, emotionally…I felt just directionless, burnt out…the walking dead…going through the motions.  I took a full year off, and began to re-explore life and re-awaken myself…and I have absolutely no doubt…this saved my life.  I got to know my 2 year old daughter (and have every since spent every waking hour I can involved in my kids lives), I explored “alternative things”, turned vegetarian, and was introduced to Reiki.

I am a Reiki Master

Throughout the years I have studied with a number of Reiki Masters, taken numerous courses, done Reiki on hundreds of people, taught Reiki courses…and risen through the Reiki levels until I became a Reiki master.  I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the word master, because it brings to my mind someone who knows everything, that has mastered something…and I know I have soooo much to learn still.  Then I came upon something in my readings that said in Japan a master was simply a teacher…and I became comfortable with the title because I love teaching (be it financial teaching to my clients, sports and life skills teaching to the amazing kids that I coach youth sports, to teaching Reiki to my students and clients).   So I can now say I am indeed a Reiki Master, and feel at peace with that.

What does a Reiki “Treatment” look like?

I will keep this simple for now, and go into more detail in future posts.  Suffice it to say, the way that I learned, and the way that I practice Reiki is to have a comfortable table (I have a massage table) for the person to lie on.  They are fully clothed, and I also place a blanket over them so that they are warm (when you have energy work done, you never know what to expect because every session is different depending upon what you need…so at times people will feel hot or chilled, or many different sensations…so nice!).  Many Reiki people will gently lay their hands upon the client, however I find I get the best results when I work about once inch above the body, working in the energy field surrounding the body.  I will have peaceful music on in the background, and I love to have a beeswax candle burning in the background.  I will begin by moving my hands up and down over the body, with my hands “listening” or “feeling” the energy patterns.  The energy patterns tell me where things are out of whack, and where I will need to spend my time.  I can actually feel the energy, it is the most amazing feeling, it is like a gentle wind blowing on my palms, tickling them.  At times it is quite strong, at times gentle, at times hot and at time cool.  Some times it forces my hand away from the body and at times it draws it right down to the body.  A person experiencing a treatment may experience different sensations, the energy may tickle or feel hot or cool, they may see cool colours, or visions, or feel the energy coursing through their body, and when the body releases or balances energy that has been stuck people will often experience a burst of emotion and smile, cry or laugh!  Some people pass right out on the table into a deep sleep (with is obviously something that their body is needing).  Nearly everyone will emerge from the session feeling a deep sense of relaxation and peacefulness they seldom feel….and they love it.  I remember after my first session, everything seemed so clear to me, I noticed the leaves on the trees with great detail, and felt like everything was going to be ok…it was beautiful.

I will stop here for now, but I have so much more to share in future posts.

Music is very important to me in Reiki, and I have over the years built up quite a collection of healing music, and I wanted to leave you with a link to a video on YouTube that you might find relaxing (and if you don’t keep searching there seems to be an endless supply of different music there…simply a wonderful thing).

If you would like to experience a Reiki Treatment, and you are local enough (southern Ontario area) feel free to contact me at

Peace, Health and Happiness