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How I Am Beating The Winter Blahs


How I am beating the winter blahs!


I wanted to share this with anyone that might be need a little surge of energy to help get through the decreased sunlight in the winter (like me!)

Short story is this.


Every day for the past 4 weeks I get up at 6am.  (one hour earlier than I used to) and I do some energy work.


At first it was TOUGH but now I pop up ready to go

I found this video on YouTube (just 20 minutes) and before I do anything for the day, I do some Qigong energy work.  Get the body moving gently, stretch the muscles, feel them come alive, and feel the energy surge…focus on how awesome the day will be…what an amazing feeling!


Here is the little video  I have been doing… QiGong Video  …    Let me know if you try it and any other routines you find that get you ramped up for the day.


Peace, Health and Happiness!




Fear-less.  What a feeling.

I am currently in a 7 day 7 night, super intensive but brain stimulating seminar run by my mentor Mr. Joel Bauer.  A room filled with amazing individuals from all walks of life, everyone with incredible skills, and yet everyone on a journey.   Everyone has their demons they want to battle, to overcome, and allow the superhero in them to shine even brighter.

 Fearless Vs Fear-Less

When I was younger, I used to feel invincible in so many ways.  Nothing could take me down.  For some things I felt fearless.  (actually probably lucky they didn’t kill me … lol!)

Despite your best intentions, sometimes stuff happens in life that knocks you down.   Death of loved ones, illness, career changes, finances … and to every individual different things will have more impact than on others.  That’s what makes this world so interesting, something that one person will seek with a vengeance, another will attempt to avoid…terrified.

Making the Commitment

One of the things I found when I was listening to Joel, was that he brought back that glorious feeling of wrapping my body in armour and just going out and living life without hesitation.  I made a commitment to myself, with Joel’s unknowing help, to lift myself from the gray that “stuff” had thrust itself upon me.  I decided I no longer welcomed the feeling of fear in my life.  I know there are many real dangers in the world, and so I didn’t want to strive to be fearless…because I think the only person who is truly fearless is someone who would be clinically ruled a psychopath.  I think it is healthy to still feel and to battle.  But I did want to fear-less.

And I did.

Deciding to fear-less has enabled me to make so many life altering choices in the past 12 months since I last sat with Joel for a seminar in LA.  Amongst other things I have switched my job, I have created this website, I have written a book (well 85% complete), I have helped relatives seek to accomplish and live their dreams, I lost weight, I have coached teams to championships and to top division rankings.    The other day I made a list of all the things I had accomplished in the past 12 months, since I made my decision to fear-less, and it was so empowering!

Fear is a stress.  Less fear.  Less stress.  Fear-less.

Just Stop It!

Joel showed an old video clip of Bob Newhart, playing a counsellor.  A client came in, Bob listened for 2 minutes and then  told her that he had her solution.  She was excited to hear it.  He said “Stop it!”     Just “stop it, stop it, stop it”.   The message was that fear is not reality, fear is an emotion that we can control.  So he wanted her to just fear-less.

I have many things planned to accomplish over the next 12 months…I wonder how cool my list will be when I look back this time next year?

How about you?




A True Inspiration

what inspires you

Where do you find true inspiration?

I have found that I have to look no further than my own family and friends.

I know at times I have felt I have had to search the internet, read books, bought CDs.  There is a huge market for “motivational” speakers.  I would search high and low for that one source of true inspiration that would get my blood pumping and ready to go.

But sometimes true inspiration is right in front of your eyes…and you just have to take a moment to allow yourself to see it!

In my family there are people who have overcome major injuries, who did not allow those injuries to limit them, who rose above to gain entrance into hugely competitive academic programs, or pulled off great marks after having to have missed so much school.  There are people who have built very successful businesses, people who are dreaming huge dreams of building something in exotic locations.  People who lead seminars on how to buy real estate and empower people.  Kids who can dance with a grace, skill and passion well beyond their years.  There are black belts in Karate.  There are artists.  There are pillars in the community.  When I look, when I really look…there is true inspiration all around me!!

I spend a tremendous amount of time coaching youth sports. I am surrounded by heroes.  They are true inspiration.  These kids work so hard, they give everything they have and leave nothing on the court.  They overcome obstacles, they persevere, they win, they lose…but they play with character and heart.  They transform themselves over the years, it is amazing to see.  They are warriors…and yet the nicest and classiest kids on earth.  They are true inspiration.

I have parents who enter talent competitions, who set major marks in marriage, who  continue to educate themselves, who work out and keep themselves healthy.   There are true inspiration for generations to come.

I have a wife who is beautiful and talented, and who makes a difference in people’s lives every single day.  She does something that takes a lot of guts, that I am not sure I would have the strength to do…but she does it because people need her, and she is so good at it.  She is true inspiration.

I have some audacious health goals I wish to achieve this summer.  I woke up yesterday morning feeling a little lazy…needing some inspiration.

I needed to look no further than downstairs where much to my surprise someone very close to me, who has battled back time after time again from seeming setbacks in life with hardly ever a complaint … was doing a grueling workout.   I was surprised.  I was in awe.  It was indeed true inspiration.

I slipped on my own shoes and did my own workout. I am well on my way to accomplishing that audacious goal…because the hardest part of doing it is getting started…and I have started.

Where can you look find true inspiration?  Perhaps it is closer than you think.


Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals

ghandi's top 10 fundamentals for changing the world

I came across Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World.

It was tweeted by someone I follow @VictoryInLove .  (ps. my twitter handle is @yourstressisgon …. lol…too many letters so couldn’t finish the “e”)

Yesterday the stock markets had a BIG down day.  There were explosions and injuries at the Boston Marathon.  It can be easy to let your thoughts stray to negative, and that is when stress and disease will jump you, and bring you down…when your body is at its lowest.

Things like Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World , written by, at least in my opinion, a great person, give us a peek into the inner workings of their brains.  It gives us a blueprint for how their minds work/worked.

I may or may not always agree with things like this, but they are a great opportunity to reflect on my current life blueprint, on my current philosophies and guidelines.  If I have become out of whack, then it is a good time to adjust.

I strongly believe that if we have a well-defined sense of morals, and that most importantly we live our life and commit our actions in CONGRUENCE with our base beliefs…then we are less susceptible to stress…and ultimately more happy.

What is your own personal version of Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals?


ghandis 10 fundamentals

Attitude is Altitude

Today I want to share with you a man who is a living inspiration to so many people…Nick Vujicic. (You have to watch video at the bottom of this post all the way through)


I saw a video he made a number of years ago, and I know it hit me hard.
I was feeling down.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  My health wasn’t the greatest.  I had lost my zip.  I had lost my passion.  My attitude was bring me down.  Boo hoo.  Poor me.
And then this guy, Nick Vujicic comes on and basically stared into my soul, looked me in the eyes and said “what have you got to feel sorry about?”
Listen we all have problems.  Stuff happens to us all.
But could it be worse?  I think for sure it could be.
Part of transforming your health is getting your stinking thinking right.  Getting a better mindset.  A happier mindset.  A more positive mindset.  As Nick says in his video, “Attitude is Altitude”.
I want you to know that anything is possible.  For you. For me.  For all of us.  Anything is possible.  Anything.  You can do anything you want.  Yes you can.  You will go wherever your attitude leads you.
Whatever you think is holding your back, whatever happened before….realize….it doesn’t really matter now…because it is now in the PAST.
Ahead of you is YOUR FUTURE.  You are going to design your own future.
Watch this video now. I hope it hits you somewhere.  I hope you can use it for fuel when the night seems dark…because there is always a light out there…and that light is in your mind.  Light up your mind, light up your attitude and transform your self.  Transform your life.
(If the video is not showing, sometimes if you double click it to expand it, it works.  Or try this link )

Here is his website if you want to find out more about Nick:   http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/

Let Go Of Your Past And The Future Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be


Let go of your past and the future can be whatever you want it to be.

There are no restrictions on your future when you let go of your past, and what better time to launch your new future than the first day of this new year.

I want you to picture an old dilapidated building.  The windows are broken.  Bricks are missing here and there.  Graffiti has been scrawled on it.  The yard is unkempt, weeds are growing everywhere.  Gray clouds over overhead. It is a desolate image.   When you hold on to old painful memories…when you hold onto anger and jealousy…when you fill your body with fattening food void of nutritional value…when you don’t follow though on things or honour your commitments…when you live a  life that it incongruent with who you see yourself as … that is how you become that dilapidated building.    It hangs over you.  It shows in your attitude.  Your aura loses it’s shine.

To start of 2013 let us do the following exercise.

Imagine a HUGE bulldozer first ripping down that old sad building.  It demolishes it quickly and efficiently.  It removes all the debris.  Everything is completely wiped clean.  All that is left is just a patch of dark fertile earth.

You can now do whatever you want with this fresh start.  You can build any kind of building you want.  You can plant a huge garden. You could install a basketball court.  You could put there ANYTHING you want.  Whatever you feel passionate about.  Whatever ignites your soul!

If you are unhappy with how things have gone in the PAST then you need only change them.  You have that power.  It all starts with your state of mind…and that you DO have COMPLETE control over.

Let go of your past and the future can be anything you want it to be.

Start that bulldozer up, and rip down and wash away anything that doesn’t belong in your new life.  You are leaving only a beautiful patch of the most fertile soil…and anything will grow in this new soil.  If you just plant your old stuff again…you will have what you had before.  But if you plant only ideas that EXCITE you then your mind will blossom with beauty and passion…and your life will change.

If the past doesn’t exist, then there is nothing to hold you back.  The only thing that exists is the future that you install.

Let go of your past and the future can be whatever you want it to be.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s make this your best year ever!

Feel free to share something you are going to do to make this happen for you!


Take Time For Yourself

Take Time for Yourself

You need to take time for yourself. 

Even if you are crazy busy.  Even if it seems like the last thing you can do is take time for yourself.

We live in a crazy fast paced world where things can get away from us really quickly.  Often we don’t even realize that things are getting away from us, until we are really sick, or just feeling burned out. 

Our bodies need time to recover, to recoup….mentally and physically.  We need to allow ourselves to refocus.

Lately I have been super busy at work…and I am not complaining…that is a good thing.  However, I found myself going non-stop through the day, days on end…and before I knew it I lost focus.

Have you ever found that?  Doing something and forgetting why you are doing it?

So one of the things I have learned to do, to ensure I take time for myself, to refocus,  is to put in my calendar some time just for me, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.   I turn off my phone.  I close my eyes if I feel in a safe place.  I just allow myself to think about things, I let my mind wander where ever it wants to go, I breath deeply, I relax my body.  It is amazing how rejuvenating this can be.  I may go for a walk .  I may listen to music.  I may read an inspirational book. I may cook.  I may clean.  I may plot out basketball plays. 

If I am out on the road and need to refocus, here are a couple of my favorite places.

  I will usually have a pen and paper with me, because I find I am often struck with inspirations when I am least expecting it:

Chapters (book store)…I just find walking through the isles, browsing books by people that I look up to…I just find it very inspirational.

The food court at the mall…What?  Am I serious?  Yup.  I don’t know why, but I get some of my best me time at the food court.  There’s never any pressure at a food court…I mean people are just there to sit and eat, and people are more relaxed, and I can just sit there and stare aimlessly around, scribble an occasional note, nibble at something.    I am telling you that I have come up with some amazing ideas doodled on the back of a napkin in a food court…many of which have led to my BEST business campaigns!

Go see a movie.  This allows me to escape for a few hours, and let the movie carry me away.  I try to see movies my wife doesn’t want to see…lol!   I was in Vancouver on business one time, I was so busy, so tired, and I missed my family.  I found myself rapidly become unable to be productive…but I couldn’t stop…could I?  There was so much to do!  But I ended up listening to my gut,  just put my stuff down, saw a movie, and came out refreshed, invigorated, and immediately got everything I needed to do with vigor.

I know a lot of people use exercise to spend time with themselves.  Others use meditation.  There are sooo many ways to do it.

Question:  What are some other ideas (crazy or not) that you do to take time for yourself?



What Inspires You?

what inspires you

What inspires you?

What are your dreams?

What motivates you to jump out of bed and embrace the day?

Can you shout it out loud right now?  Is it on the tip of your tongue? Are you having difficulty identifying it?  Do you know?  You did know!  But perhaps you have forgotten?  It is easy to happen.  Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves. 

Life is meant to be wonderful! Life is meant to be full of wonders!   It inspired me!  

What inspires you?

I went for a walk today with Shandog, and tramped through the fallen leaves.   They made rustling noises as we trecked on.  There was a beautiful breeze that both shocked and tickled my face.  The sun played with the clouds, peaking in and out.  Shandog saw a squirrel across the park and took off at the speed of light…not to catch the squirrel…just to let it know she was there.   Running all out through the leaves, totally free, I could imagine a huge smile on her face.    It seemed so clear to me that was her inspiration.  

It was a priceless moment. I was filled with beauty and awe.  It reminded me that I need to take a second and remind myself of what inspires me.

At times like that the energy of the universe shoots down into me and fills me with the most beautiful feeling in the world.  I get that feeling when I see my family smiling, my Sabrina feeling confident and ready to take on the world, or hear my Sierra humming happily at night.  I get that feeling when I see my wife so proud of the family we have raised.  I get that feeling when I think of my parents and how much I love them.  I get that feeling when I coach my girls basketball teams, when I see the fun they have, or the pride they have in overcoming obstacles or doing more than perhaps they thought they could.  I get that feeling when I have just done a KICK ASS workout.

Yes life is meant to be wonderful!

Make sure you take a moment each day to remind yourself what inspires you!   Daily life can make us all tired, and lose focus.  So make sure you get that focus back! 

Take a second and stop to smell those roses baby!

I Fell Off The Wagon

"Tony Sibbald"

Wow.  Feels like it has been a long time since my last post.  Partly it is because I fell off the wagon (the healthy life style wagon), and party because my admin site crashed and I could not add or modify this site for the last 2 weeks. (and a big special thanks to the amazing people at hostgator.com for helping me get back into action)

So I have had an interesting last month.   Had some major changes in life…some not by choice…some stressful, some exciting..but isn’t that how life works?  You can’t control what life throws at you, but you can control how you react to it.  Most of my life is awesome…but every once in a while, one section of it will throw something challenging…something unexpected.   And in the past it has thrown me totally off-balance for an extended period of time.  But no more of that baby!   I wanted to post this to give others hope…because I know life hits us all…and it is ok to fall off the wagon for a bit…just don’t be too rough on yourself….and then just get back on.

So in the past month I reacted well some times…but I also have to admit I fell off the wagon.

I drank pop.  I ate lots of chocolate.    I stopped eating salads.  I didn’t exercise enough.  And I felt it.  It allowed my level of stress to build up.  I woke up at 2am in the middle of the night in a panic one night.  Not fun.   And I didn’t make one single entry in this blog.

So there is my story of woe for the past month.

But here is the cool thing…I realized what I was allowing to happen, and I snapped out of it.  And as of tonight, I am back on the wagon baby!!  In the past this might have sent me to 3 months of illness and bedrest.  In the past I might not have recognized what was threatening to happen, and just gone on unconsciously.   But not any more baby!  

I am ready to emerge into the next exciting (or at least never boring) section of my life. 

This is what I tell the young athletes I coach all the time…somedays life is going to punch you in the gut, and send you to the ground.  Like a champion boxer, you may get knocked down and you may feel like giving up.  You have a choice…just lay on the matt and give up…or get back up.  It’s up to you.  What’s it going to be.

I fell off the wagon.  I took this slug to the gut and I got back up.

I believe that everyday the sun rises again. Every day brings glorious new possibilities.  Everything happens for a reason.  And because of that I am sooo excited for the future…I know it is going to be great…and tomorrow morning I am going to bound out of bed ready for the wonders of the world!!!!!

I look forward to getting back on the blog horse and sending out lots of great stuff. 

I hope to hear feedback from all, and continue to make this more interactive.

Peace, Health and Happiness!


Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Secrets

good night's sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the keys to being healthy, to decreasing your stress, to feeling fully alive!
(Picture thanks to © Ginaniko | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos)

Over the years at certain times I have had my difficulties in getting a good nights sleep.  I would often be restless throughout the night, and would wake up feeling very tired and unrested.  It is hard to have your “perfect” day when you wake up wishing you could just stay in-between the sheets in bed all day!  So getting a good night’s sleep is critical for our health.

Of late I have been getting some really good night’s sleep, in fact, I believe some of the best sleeps I have ever had.

Whenever I pictured my perfect day, it always involved myself getting up early, say 6am, and feeling energized and ready to take on the world.  I would have had a good night’s sleep, I would awaken fully refreshed, and then I would tackle my day with vigor.  However all to often I would instead wake up hitting the snooze button a number of times, and finally groggily stumble to the shower.  This morning however, I woke up at 5am!  Are you kidding me?  And I felt WIDE awake and ready to go!   How is this possible?  Well through the years I have discovered a number of secrets to a good night’s sleep, and I will share the top 7 with you.

Good Night’s Sleep – 7 Secrets

1) If you want a good night’s sleep, don’t get yourself all wound up just before you go to bed by watching something stimulating on TV.  If I watched an exciting sports event that went down to the wire, or if I watched a scary show that got me all riled up, then your adrenaline gets pumping….which is basically exactly the opposite state you want your body in to get a good night’s sleep.  So if you do end up watching something like that, make sure you do something afterwards to calm yourself down before you try to sleep.

2) For me, little noises can wake me up throughout the night.  So a major key for me to having a good night’s sleep is to have background noise on, or what they call white noise.  The easiest thing I have used is a fan.  There are actually machines you can get that play white noise (just like a low static with nothing identifiable in it), but I find a fan works perfect.  If we stay over in hotels for vacations or sports tournaments the room itself might have a great fan/air-conditioning unit already, but just in case we always bring a small portable fan.

3) Black out the light in your room.  This is something my wife introduced.  She works shifts and so she would have to try to sleep during the days, and she bought these super black curtains that blocked out all the light ( I think she got them pretty cheap from Ikea…a good night’s sleep is definitely worth spending a couple of bucks).  We close them at night and it blocks out all the street lights…it is simply amazing.

4) Watch what you eat!   To get a good night’s sleep you have to ensure that your body is not all jacked up on sugar before you go to sleep.  Just like stimulating TV can get your adrenaline flowing, so can sugary foods!  As crazy as this sounds to me now, I would often have think it a good idea to have “comfort” foods to help myself sleep.  So that would involve eating chocolate and other various sweets…laden with sugar.  And I was surprised when I lay awake in bed for hours just staring at the ceiling!   Also watch how much you eat, because you don’t want your digestive system to have to work over time when you are trying to sleep, so don’t eat large amounts of food just before bed time either.

5) I will also spell out separately…watch what you drink!  I was VERY bad at this.  My big one was drinking a large pepsi just before I lay down.  Not ony sugar…but can you say caffeine over kill as well!   Talk about waking up your body…killing any attempt at a good night’s sleep.  But don’t laugh at me too hard.  What about you?  Ever have coffee before bed?  Ever have regular tea before bed?   So a key is not only watching what you drink, but also I have had to keep an eye on how much I drink.  Even if I am drinking something healthy like water, if I drink too much, then I have to wake up a number of times just to go to the washroom.

6) Exercise if critical for me to having a good nights sleep.  Exercise clears the toxins from your body that build up.  Exercise clears pent-up stress from my body.  Exercise keeps my muscles working and in shape.  Exercise keeps my mind sharp.  Exercise keeps the blues away.  Exercise allows my body to feel tired in a good way.  The only thing I have to personally avoid is exercising too close to going to bed because it does get me all pumped up…and then it takes a while to come back down.  But for me, if I don’t exercise, the quality of my sleeps goes downhill quickly.

7) Getting myself in the right mental frame is the last big secret I will share about having a good night’s sleep.  I cannot sleep if I have things on my mind.   I will just review them over and over and over.  So I have learned (my dad shared this with me many years ago) to take a few moments and just clear my mind, and write down everything I am thinking  about.  As well I have to tell myself that I have done everything I can do about things today…and that tomorrow I will complete them…however I will need all my energy to do it…and so I need to allow my body to get a great rest tonight.  Another thing I try to ensure is that I am in a positive frame of mind, and that my body is at its purest and highest energy level…by thinking good thoughts and appreciating things.  I review in my mind all the things I am thankful for, including my health, my family, my friends, my career, the fact I have a roof over my head….and any and every other thing I can think of.   I am thankful for ____, I am thankful for _____ ……

To feel fully alive, to feel fully energized, to have great health, to move about your day with passion and purpose……your body needs to recover and rebuild itself each night.  So a good night’s sleep is of critical importance.

Got any tips that help you get a good night’s sleep?   Please share comments below and maybe you can help inspire another reader.

Peace, Health, Happiness and success!