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Fear-less.  What a feeling.

I am currently in a 7 day 7 night, super intensive but brain stimulating seminar run by my mentor Mr. Joel Bauer.  A room filled with amazing individuals from all walks of life, everyone with incredible skills, and yet everyone on a journey.   Everyone has their demons they want to battle, to overcome, and allow the superhero in them to shine even brighter.

 Fearless Vs Fear-Less

When I was younger, I used to feel invincible in so many ways.  Nothing could take me down.  For some things I felt fearless.  (actually probably lucky they didn’t kill me … lol!)

Despite your best intentions, sometimes stuff happens in life that knocks you down.   Death of loved ones, illness, career changes, finances … and to every individual different things will have more impact than on others.  That’s what makes this world so interesting, something that one person will seek with a vengeance, another will attempt to avoid…terrified.

Making the Commitment

One of the things I found when I was listening to Joel, was that he brought back that glorious feeling of wrapping my body in armour and just going out and living life without hesitation.  I made a commitment to myself, with Joel’s unknowing help, to lift myself from the gray that “stuff” had thrust itself upon me.  I decided I no longer welcomed the feeling of fear in my life.  I know there are many real dangers in the world, and so I didn’t want to strive to be fearless…because I think the only person who is truly fearless is someone who would be clinically ruled a psychopath.  I think it is healthy to still feel and to battle.  But I did want to fear-less.

And I did.

Deciding to fear-less has enabled me to make so many life altering choices in the past 12 months since I last sat with Joel for a seminar in LA.  Amongst other things I have switched my job, I have created this website, I have written a book (well 85% complete), I have helped relatives seek to accomplish and live their dreams, I lost weight, I have coached teams to championships and to top division rankings.    The other day I made a list of all the things I had accomplished in the past 12 months, since I made my decision to fear-less, and it was so empowering!

Fear is a stress.  Less fear.  Less stress.  Fear-less.

Just Stop It!

Joel showed an old video clip of Bob Newhart, playing a counsellor.  A client came in, Bob listened for 2 minutes and then  told her that he had her solution.  She was excited to hear it.  He said “Stop it!”     Just “stop it, stop it, stop it”.   The message was that fear is not reality, fear is an emotion that we can control.  So he wanted her to just fear-less.

I have many things planned to accomplish over the next 12 months…I wonder how cool my list will be when I look back this time next year?

How about you?






Hi Tony: Yes…I’m so with you. Fear is stress and it’s been winning every battle up until now. Joel has given us a lifeline to pull us out of fear’s menacing grip toward living a life we can love and fear-less-ly pass on to our children. I’m so glad to experience this new passage with you. Thanks for articulating what was so obvious, although intangible.

Stay Fear-Less!



Fear is a very a powerful tool. It can be manipulated, used or simply discarded.Discarding fear is the the most powerful thing of all.

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