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Passion! Find Yours And Increase Your Happiness

My full-time occupation is that of a financial advisor, and I am super energized to take this business to the next level.  I really enjoy helping people with their money, I enjoy teaching them about it, aiming to protect it and grow it, and I am told I am good at it.   I also have tremendous fun doing this blog in my spare time, doing Reiki, helping people decrease their stress, transform their lives, find their passion,  increase their health, happiness and energy.  I dearly want to help people.

But what I ADORE, what I simply LOVE, that I do just for PASSION’S sake…is coaching youth sports.

 What are YOU passionate about?

At times I think about this day and night.  I may draw up plays in between clients during the day.  At times I have woken up at 2am to create my next practice, because I am so excited about what I am going to teach the kids the next day.  No matter how hectic or tough my day might have been…when I get out on the soccer field or the basketball court, and get to work with those awesome kids…everything else melts away…everything is good!

What has the POWER to take you away, to melt your stress?

I am the luckiest man in the world because I get to do something that I am so passionate about.  I get to help these kids not only become better athletes, but I get to teach them about life; how to never give up; how it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but it  does matter that you give it your best; about how you should believe in yourself, don’t let fear or doubt stop you from going for it.  I get to help these kids do things they didn’t think they could do!  I get to help prepare these kids for school, for work, for life.  And I do it all just to see a smile.  A lot of smiles.  There is nothing better than knowing I gave it everything I had, and I helped transform some lives.

What inside you makes you SHINE?

No one outside of my immediate family knows this, but when I was really sick, when I had so little energy, I put my life into energy conservation mode.  I didn’t talk much, I didn’t smile much, I didn’t move much…because I knew it would deplete my energy.  If I had practice that day,  I tried to preserve my energy as much as I could on that day…so that when I got on that court I could give 90 minutes of everything I had to those kids and their parents, and then go home and crawl into bed, exhausted, but happy.   I did it for them yes.  But they helped to give me my life back.  They gave me a reason to keep going when I felt too tired.  They gave me something to which I truly looked forward to.    

What can you do that will give you STRENGTH to draw on when you are feeling down or having a rough day?

One of the major benefits for me, is that the happiness that it adds to my life, flows over to my work.  It helps me smile more during the day, it helps me have more energy with my clients, and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

What is your passion?  What would you do for free for a few hours a week in your spare time?  What would keep you up at night because you are just so excited about it?

It is a hard question for some.  In January I flew down to see a weekend seminar by Joel Bauer (, called Passion2Profit.  And it was wonderful.  I also then attended an 8 day seminar of his called Profit Point, and it was spell binding.  It helped me get the courage to finally lauch this part of my passion and help educate people about re-energizing themselves, and bringing themselves back to life!

What would you do for free for even an hour a month that would ignite your passion, that would set your inner self on fire?  Pick up that guitar you used to play?  Plant an amazing garden?   Cook a gourmet meal? 

Passion has the power to take away stress or sadness.  If you are having a tough day, just thinking about your passion, can take you away for a few moments, clear out the gloom, and reset your mindset to an energized one!

It doesn’t matter what it is for you, what does matter is to try to identify it, and then bring it into your life.

Question:   What is your passion?  Let us know.  Maybe together we can help you fulfill it!




Really informative/enlightening.Thank you-for the testimonials/sharing.


You’re welcome. I have learned because other people have let me into their lives, and I want to reciprocate. Hopefully this can at least get people thinking, and maybe then take action for themselves!


It really makes one sit back and think about where their passion is and how to get it back!


Hi Candice, it can be tough just getting the thought process going. I would suggest make a list, and it doesn’t matter how crazy or silly they may sound, of things that make you happy. They could be things you stopped doing years ago, but if you look back at them they made you feel great. Make this list as long as you can. Then reflect on them, and see if they still ignite any good feelings. The key is just start making the list, and do it with a blue pen on white paper…doodle, cross stuff out, have fun! I think little by little you will start to get a good idea of things you are still passionate about.


I will try it 🙂


My passion is in helping others 🙂


And as anyone who knows you, your passion shines brightly in your word and actions!


I can speak on behalf of my kids and the joy both you and Tony brought to them at a very down point in their life. You both are amazing people.

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