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Free Contest For Our Readers $500+ Value!! Enter Today!!

free contest - goodlife fitness

I want to thank everyone who subscribes to this blog, and/or who visits on a regular basis, and/or who have participated in the 21 Day Health Transformation, and/or those of you viewing this site for the very first time!    It is because of you that this site is becoming so successful!  Earlier this week we had a record number of visits, and it has been building constantly, although we are still only a few months old.  Thanks everyone!!

As a special reward, I am excited to announce a free contest that any one of you could win!!!

As part of this free contest, GoodLife Fitness has offered to give away two tickets for GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Summit , ($500+ value),  a book “Living the Good Life” written by David Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, and a GoodLife Fitness bag.

All you have to do to be eligible to win this free contest is to leave a message here telling us … how you motivate yourself to stay healthy.

Just comment at the bottom of this post…it’s as simple as that.  And by doing so, maybe you can help motivate someone else to transform their lives, or even just give them hope when they are feeling down…anything and everything we can do to spread light in this world!

I’ll announce the winners on Thursday, September 27.

The GoodLife Fitness Health & Wellness Leadership Summit will be held on October 4 in Toronto. This summit is a national event series designed to provide Canadian organizations with innovations required to improve productivity in the workplace. By addressing emerging trends in Fitness Health & Wellness, Organizational Culture/Performance and Leadership Development, delegates will be empowered to initiate proactive measures to compete and succeed in an increasingly competitive and evolving market place.

Key speakers will include Jessica Holmes, comedian and author, Yvonne Campus, Discovery Channel’s Eco-Challenge, and David Patchell-Evans, founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness.”

My wife and I, and brothers in law used to watch the Eco-Challenge on TV every year, and it seemed the craziest, coolest event anyone could ever do…so personally I am totally psyched to hear that message.  I have read another book by David Patchell-Evans, and it had some great info in it, and everyone needs to learn more about managing stress through humour in their life!

I am excited for you because this sounds like an inspiring and educational event.

What I am going to ask is please spread this post about this free contest around.  Put it on facebook, tweet it, email it to your friends…share it all around.

With your help, together, all of us….we can make a difference in this world…one person at a time!!


Tony Sibbald

Some of my key ways to stay motivated to stay in shape are to constantly read motivational books, to envision what life will be like when I feel totall energized and amazing, coaching youth sports and helping them understand how being fit can help their lives, and a big one for me is to share what I have learned via this blog…with the mission of even helping one person transform their lives as I have. Oh yeah…and another is surrounding myself with others who motivated…it is contagious (in a good way!)

Candice D'Arrigo

i have been following this website since it first started and i find the articles very educational. The first article i read was about pop. As i was reading about how bad pop was i was sitting at the computer with a pop in my hand. With what i read i vowed not to drink it anymore and am proud to say that i am pop free. I continue to read the different topics and i am amazed at how easy things such as breathing and just changing our thought process can help reduce are stress. All in all this site has helped me have more postive look on life and help me to rethink what i cook, eat and drink. i have learned to love water and live without frozen lemonades and pop.


I have a poster of a family playing on a beach, and everyone looks happy and healthy, and I picture myself in that poster. I am fit, health, happy and enjoying life. Everytime I see that poster I get motivated to go an work out so that I can actually look as fit as “I” do in the poster! Works almost every time!


My true motivation is my family 🙂 I try to eat as healthy as I can because I want to be around to see them grow up. The first thing I try to do after waking up in the morning is to listen to some relaxing music. this helps to set my day.
I have been teaching myself how to play the guitar and If i am worrying about things, i bring my guitar outside and play some songs… So I focus on having a positive mindset because I want to make sure I attract positive vibes!


I carry with me at all times a Dream Card that has a picture of me saluting the sunrise on a beach in Florida and an inset box of me playing my favourite sport of beach volleyball. Next to it is a bold declaration of the specific health milestones I constantly strive for. These images and declaration invoke a feeling of health, vitality and aliveness that motivates me to choose healthy choices day by day with respect to exercise, diet, and state of mind.


One of the things that I enjoy doing is to meditate in the morning! It clears my mind and is a great start to my day 🙂


I really liked the positive attitude that this blog encourages; it has helped me rethink a lot about what I have versus what I don’t have. It has also helped me to take responsibility for most of what happens in my life. Each morning I take 5 minutes to stretch and breathe in deeply, two exercises that never fail to put a more positive spin on my day. Although I have never been unduly overweight, I found myself cutting out sweets and unnecessary snacks; for instance I’ll grab a few almonds when I feel a bit hungry and this is usually enough to curb my appetite. As an unexpected bonus I have lost about 5 pounds with no pain. Thanks Tony

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