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Life too serious? Follow the Dance Walking Guru


A friend posted a video of the most amazing thing…a guy called the Dance Walking Guru… on facebook the other day.

I was feeling just generally worn out that day.  It’s been a very hectic fall, so many exciting things happened (and are happening).  I had, and am exerting a lot of energy.  I found that some times when I get to immersed in something I begin to take it too seriously.  This is a form of stress.

You ever had that happen?  You let life get just a little too serious?

Enter The Dance Walking Guru

This is just some relatively unknown person, who becomes famous (at least virally on the internet)…for being the dance walking guru…and doesn’t even know it.

He had inspired literally thousands of people…and didn’t know it.

And when he finds out, he just has the most wondrous look on his face.  It is priceless.

Please take a moment and watch this video.  I hope it lightens up your life and your day like it has done for me.

I tried dance walking today…let’s spread the joy of being alive!






Bill T

That is wild! I think I will try it out when I do some last minute shopping


wow that is so cool. just watching that video and listening to him speak u could feel and hear his joy. it looks like so much fun but i think i would way to shy to do it 🙂

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