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Results Of My (Tony’s) 21 Day Health Transformation

"Tony Sibbald"

Well today is day 21 of my 21 Day Health Transformation.  I have noticed some amazing differences.   I hope that you will all get to try this sometime soon.

My main intention was to take control of my lifestyle.   To be the boss of me.  To take so many of the things I have learned…about what I eat, what I think, what I do exercise wise, how I breathe…and do it for 21 days…to see what results I would get.    For me to do it, as living proof, and then to share it with those who were looking to make a change in their own lives.

I have seen too many people walking around like zombies.  Living life in a fog.  Slowly dying inside.  Losing who they were.  Not becoming who they wanted to be.  Eating crap for food.  Poisoning their bodies.  Feeding crap into their minds.  Becoming jaded, unfocused.  Not moving their bodies.  Becoming sedentary, and just accepting the lack of energy and the aches and pains that built up.  Letting their auras stagnate.  Drowning slowly.    I know because I was one of them.  And so I can sense it in others.

Over my 21 days, the thing that I am most blown away with, is how much more energy I have.    It is crazy!  Some nights I have been up late doing creative stuff because my mind was on fire.  And so many mornings I have naturally, without an alarm clock, just arisen, wide awake, alert and ready to go.   In case you don’t know me…that was not something I am used to.   Getting up was always a chore, fatigue was a natural feeling for me.   But in these 21 days, especially as they wore on,  I got generally really good sleeps, and woke up refreshed and ready to roar!    I did my breathing exercises each day, to oxygenate my body.    I crave my walk each day (and my cravings for chocolate have decreased dramatically).   I feel good about myself because I made so many good decisions in the 21 days about what not to eat, and what to eat….what would hurt my body and what would heal my body.  I know that applying this is the answer to allowing my body to be as healthy as possible.  Preventative health care, instead of reactive health care and medicine.    

Even though s*ht happened to me last week, I was able to cope with it and not break down like in the past I might have by getting sick, or going on a binge junk food attack.  I dealt with my stresses in a healthier way.  I had a more positive attitude due to the mental exercises I did daily.   Life seems so very bright.

And oh, by the way, in the 21 days, I lost 14 pounds, and I have to take my belt in because my pants keep sliding down a bit!  I didn’t diet.  I was never hungry.  I generally ate immediately when I felt a twinge of hunger.   As I’ve said from the beginning, the 21 Day Health Transformation is not about losing weight.  It is about  regaining your life and your energy, about strengthening your body from the inside out and protecting yourself from sickness and disease that may be entire avoidable…and you just may find you begin to lose some pounds and transform your body as well.

The very first 21 Day Health Transformation session officially starts this coming Sunday August 26th.   You have until midnight Tuesday August 21st to register, because I will start sending out some prep material right after that.   I am very excited for those of you registered, I have some great tips and exercises that I believe will really help you as they have me.

I am the luckiest man alive.  I have a wonderful family, I have my health back, I have true and great friends, I get to follow so many of my passions including coaching and helping people, I live in a great country.  I feel blessed to be able to share with you all that I have learned over this past decade plus…so that you don’t have to go what I went through.

Peace, Health and Happiness!

Tony Sibbald



Very cool brother. I am proud of you. You are an inspiration.

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