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Stand Up At Your Desk = Immediate Energy + Better Health!

Stand Up At Your Desk

Feeling sleepy at work?  Want to increase your energy?

Stand up!

I have found no simpler, more effective way to immediately change my state, and energize myself… than to stand up at my desk.

Think about your body posture when you are feeling low on energy.  For me, my shoulders droop, my back slouches, my voice gets quieter.  If you were to look at my aura, you would not describe it as vibrant.

But when I stand up, stretch my muscles, and hold my head up, and smile … you would see an immediate brightening of my aura!  I will feel better, look better, and be more effective at work.

Try it right now!  I’ll bet you are sitting down…so stand up!  Do it!

Roll your shoulders back, and stand up straight.  Put your chin up.  Smile.  Shake our your hands twice.  Roll your neck gently 2 times.  Take a deep cleansing breath.  I’ll bet you $100 you feel a difference!   You have changed your state!!!! 

If you deal with people via the phone (customer service, sales, dealing with distributors …anything), stand up while you are talking on the phone.  I often stand up, and pace if I am making outgoing calls.  If you are in sales, people are only going to be 1/2 as enthusiastic as you are…so crank up your enthusiasm!   Put on some peppy music on low in the background.  Are you smiling?  Draw a picture of a smiley face and put it on your wall at eye level.  My outgoing prospecting calls are more than 2x as effective when I get myself fired up on the phone!  When I am really firing on all cylinders I pace and smile and laugh like a maniac!

Finally, something else to thing about…how would you like to add a few more years to your life?

A study published in the journal BMJ Open suggests that if you can limit the time you spend sitting each day to less than 3 hours, you could add a good 2 years to your life! (thanks to for the heads up.

Stand up at your desk = immediate energy + feel better!

What else can you ask for: feel better, enjoy more success (make more money), and live longer by simply GETTING UP OFF YOUR BUTT more often!! lol!

Try it and post your results.



great suggestion . I will try this next time I am at work.

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