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Take Time For Yourself

Take Time for Yourself

You need to take time for yourself. 

Even if you are crazy busy.  Even if it seems like the last thing you can do is take time for yourself.

We live in a crazy fast paced world where things can get away from us really quickly.  Often we don’t even realize that things are getting away from us, until we are really sick, or just feeling burned out. 

Our bodies need time to recover, to recoup….mentally and physically.  We need to allow ourselves to refocus.

Lately I have been super busy at work…and I am not complaining…that is a good thing.  However, I found myself going non-stop through the day, days on end…and before I knew it I lost focus.

Have you ever found that?  Doing something and forgetting why you are doing it?

So one of the things I have learned to do, to ensure I take time for myself, to refocus,  is to put in my calendar some time just for me, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.   I turn off my phone.  I close my eyes if I feel in a safe place.  I just allow myself to think about things, I let my mind wander where ever it wants to go, I breath deeply, I relax my body.  It is amazing how rejuvenating this can be.  I may go for a walk .  I may listen to music.  I may read an inspirational book. I may cook.  I may clean.  I may plot out basketball plays. 

If I am out on the road and need to refocus, here are a couple of my favorite places.

  I will usually have a pen and paper with me, because I find I am often struck with inspirations when I am least expecting it:

Chapters (book store)…I just find walking through the isles, browsing books by people that I look up to…I just find it very inspirational.

The food court at the mall…What?  Am I serious?  Yup.  I don’t know why, but I get some of my best me time at the food court.  There’s never any pressure at a food court…I mean people are just there to sit and eat, and people are more relaxed, and I can just sit there and stare aimlessly around, scribble an occasional note, nibble at something.    I am telling you that I have come up with some amazing ideas doodled on the back of a napkin in a food court…many of which have led to my BEST business campaigns!

Go see a movie.  This allows me to escape for a few hours, and let the movie carry me away.  I try to see movies my wife doesn’t want to see…lol!   I was in Vancouver on business one time, I was so busy, so tired, and I missed my family.  I found myself rapidly become unable to be productive…but I couldn’t stop…could I?  There was so much to do!  But I ended up listening to my gut,  just put my stuff down, saw a movie, and came out refreshed, invigorated, and immediately got everything I needed to do with vigor.

I know a lot of people use exercise to spend time with themselves.  Others use meditation.  There are sooo many ways to do it.

Question:  What are some other ideas (crazy or not) that you do to take time for yourself?



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