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Veggie Tacos

veggie taco

Here is a quick and simple recipe for veggie tacos (with no soya in it)

Naturopath says avoid soya…

We went to a naturopath the other day, and one of the things she suggested was to avoid soya products as much as possible.  

Yikes…but we love veggie tacos!

One of the things we love of late are veggie tacos, and we use the fake meat soya product in it, because we were always used to ground beef in our tacos from years back.   So being told not to eat soya (which I know is a good thing to avoid as much as possible) was a bummer.  My daughter really wanted tacos, and so was disappointed.  So I went to the grocery store, got some salsa, and … actually bought some ground beef (that hasn’t been in my shopping cart for years).  The problem is that after I brought it home my wife and both agreed that it just didn’t seem right to do that…there had to be a better way.   So I went through my memory banks, looked through the internet a bit, and came up with an idea I wanted to try.

Veggie tacos instructions

Step 1: sauté a medium minced onion in a bit of virgin olive oil

Step 2: add some diced red and yellow bell peppers

Step 3: add one cup of water and regular taco seasoning

Step 4: add one can of black beans fully rinsed

Step 5:  cook until most of the water is gone, but still juicy

Step 6: Heat up taco shells (we like the hard taco shells because they give a satisfying crunch)

Step 7: We add LOTS of all of the following….grated carrots, shredded lettuce, salsa, guacamole (cheese if you want)

Step 8: Serve with water to drink, place mats and napkins because it is VERY messy!!!

Anyway, I thank my family for trying my quick experiment, and everyone agreed it was quite delicious.   There are left overs, and they are going to go great over top of my salad tomorrow.

Eating better will definitely help reduce your stress in soooo many ways. 





Tony – Fascinating information! I have been making chili for years using the ground soya meat “look-alike”. Can I replace that with the black beans as well? And do you mash up the beans once they’re cooked so they are more like the ground soya (aka ground beef)?

Love your blog, Pat

Tony Sibbald

We like crunch if possible, so I didn’t mash the beans to try to give it more texture.

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