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Walk Away Weight and Worries

Walking has become one of my best friends. 

When I was recovering from my heart ailments, I had to give up all the things I used to do. I gave up Karate, because physically I couldn’t do it, and I was warned I could not afford to get hit because of the blood thinners.  I couldn’t run, nor ride my bike, or do anything strenuous.  It left one option…walking.  At first I was depressed because I thought of it as so boring, compared to biking through the trails for example.  But it was the thing that gradually allowed to regain my strength.  And then a funny thing happened…it grew on me…and now walking is one of my favorite things to do!

I have a favorite route that has some nice hills, some beautiful scenery, some big fields where I can let me dog run free, and also some roads where I often say hi to people I know.  I really just started walking with fervour last summer.  I went out on my 90 minute power walk with my dog as often as I could.  Not too long ago I weighed just under 250 pounds, and I am now down to 220.  I still have a lot more I want to cut, but I am happy with the progress.  I have continued again this summer, and having a blast!  Walking is an underdog.  It is underutilized.  It is a great form of exercise.  It gets you outside in the sun and the fresh air.  You can walk slow or go faster if you are feeling it that day.  You can talk with people, you can enjoy the scenery. If I am stressed out or worrying about something, I can usually release it all during my walk and return home feeling a new man. Our civilization does not move enough.  Many of us are too stagnant.  This means our bodies are stagnant, and I find if my body is stagnant then my mind becomes stagnant.  On sunday my daughter and I went to Confederation park and walked by the Lake.  We had great family time together, we had a good talk, we got a couple hours of exercise, and it just made us feel good.  And it was so peaceful.   Here is a quick 30 second video we shot, just so you can hear the beauty of the wind blowing through the trees and the gentle roar of the waves.   How can anything beat that?

walking near lake with sab 

My question for you is: Are you moving enough?  Are you getting stagnant?

Love to hear about some of the best walks or places to walk you have done!



Favorite walks: often whenever I am with any of my family members 🙂

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