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Why The Uproar About Pop?

You may have heard in the news recently that the State of New York was trying to ban restaurants from serving large containers of pop (greater than 16 oz).  Is this really worthy of headlines on national news stations and newspapers.

In one word, I will say “YES”!

For much of my life I was a popoholic, and proud of it.  Pop went with pizza. Pop went with burgers.  At the theatre popcorn needed a HUGE pop.  Watching football on Sunday needed chips…and of course pop.  If it was hot, I needed pop.  If I was tired I needed pop.  It just tasted so good, it gave me energy, it was a beautiful thing!

Of course it tasted good!  Look how much sugar apparently goes into Coke for example.  (I got this picture from   I can’t verify the accuracy of anything they post, but it does seem to match a lot of the research I have done…and pictures are worth a thousand words)


         39g                            65g                          108g

Not only is there sugar, but there can be chemicals, preservatives, caffeine, food colouring, and other ingrediants…all sorts of things which are not natural, and that provide very little if any nutritional value.   Pop may help promote tooth decay.  It may be linked to osteoporosis.  It may promote heartburn. It may be linked to an increase in diabetes.  It may contribute to high blood pressure.  It may impair digestion.  Listen, I am not a doctor, but I do know that my body feels better when I am not drinking pop…and I think my body will not only thank me now, but also in the future.  That’s just me, you need to do your own experimentation with your own body and see how you feel.

Statistics show that obesity is growing in our society in leaps and bounds.   Kids are getting more unhealthy by the moment.  Computers keep them in doors and sedentary.  A lot of the foods they eat are highly processed, with little nutritional content…so they have to keep eating more and more because the body is not getting what it is looking for.  And if you top it off with highly sugary beverages…it is a recipe that will ultimately spell dis-ease in the future. 

But the great thing is that we can change that.  It is in our control.  As parents, as guardians, as role models.  I believe if we educate ourselves, then pass along that knowledge, we can make a difference.  I know that when I stopped drinking  pop last time, I seemed to shed almost 4 pounds almost instantaneously (and I drank a lot of diet pop in fact) Coincidence?

Please click on this link to see a video I made one week ago, where I pledge to give up pop!    Witness it…hold me accountable…slap me in the head if you ever see me with a pop in my hand again!

My Last Pop Ever – Tony’s Vow!

The fact is that pop appears to put stress on our body in a number of different ways.  Physically it stresses our body, weakening it.  Mentally, if there are sugar rushes and caffeine rushes, this can cause your mood to go up and down and up and down… then that is ultimately exhausting as well.  This blog is about de-stressing yourself.   Why not try eliminating this stressor from your life…your body will thank you.

This blog only talked about regular pops.  In the future I will address diet pops, because from the research I am doing these may be just as bad if not worse in some ways!

Any thoughts you would care to share about your experience with pop?   Care to make the DWP (Days without Pop) pledge?   Let us know what is on your mind!



Yesterday I picked up a few things from the grocery store snd on my way out I followed a couple who had 20 bottles of the big 2L pops!!!
I believe you when you say pop is loaded with sugar… But I wonder how much sugar is in juice boxes?


I have found that when I’m exhausted, a little exercise always helps. You are never too old to exercise – walking, swimming, riding a bike, playing golf, bowling – whatever you enjoy. At 75 I still find I must make the time to get going; otherwise my arthritic joints would simply seize up. ANd you are right about the sugar in soda pop, Tony. It can ruin your life!


Ann, that’s great, and something I think we all need to hear. It is a lifestyle choice, and doing what you do makes life all that much better!


That’s a great question Liza! I will commit to exploring this in a future post!


After reading this i decided that the pop i was drinking will be my last! i am on day two of no pop 🙂


That is soooo awesome Candice. Congrats to you for taking action. And the key is if you do fall off the wagon for a second (as I have), don’t beat yourself up over it. Just forgive yourself and get back up! I gave up pop for over 1 1/2 years and then fell off! But I am proudly 11 days pop free and feeling strong!


thanks for the support Tony!!! I am currently on day 5 i even managed to sit next to a friend who was drinking pop and didnt even try a sip 🙂

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